14 CEOs reveal the No. 1 job skill they look for in employees

What is the number 01 job skill you think is the most important? In your colleagues, employees, or even in your boss?

Resilience, asking for feedback, and a constant craving for learning and improving are high on this list. Most of these habits are subconscious, and come easily to you. Or, quite opposite, you will have to actively learn these and turn them from a very conscious activity to a subconscious activity.

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Five Traits Low-Stress, Happy Work Cultures Have In Common

Around the world you’ll find scientifically identified pockets of happy people ranging in size from neighborhoods to entire countries. Researcher Dan Buettner spent years studying them to find out what makes them so special, and how others can emulate their success in the happiness department.

Limiting your workweek, avoiding long commutes, not skipping vacation, enjoying Happy Hour, and having the right boss are the factors that Buettner says have the most impact. Letting go of one of these traits in your company can have detrimental effects on the productivity, efficiency, and thus the results of the company.

What are the traits that are driving your current levels of stress? Of the lack thereof? Let us know!


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Rules for Sales Success

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

If you’re in sales, you would do well to focus on important parts of your job. (Even when you’re not sales, that’s important.) According to Anthony Iannarino, one of the key rules for sales success is: “Spend as much time studying human psychology as any other subject, as all of your results are going to be produced through or with other people.”

We couldn’t agree more! The key to realizing a common vision or goal, is to work more effectively together. And understanding your partners, and their psychology, is an essential part of that.


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What is Sales?

We’ve seen that everybody is always selling, pretty much every moment of the day. You need to sell your products and services, sure, when you’re ‘in’ sales. But you also sell your ideas, your vision, and your way of doing things. You sell your partner on what dinner will be. You sell your colleagues on a more efficient way of working. You sell the people in your company your vision for the future.

So what then, is sales?

Our definition: Having someone voluntarily accept your added value, and then to get him/her moving into action.
This is an article that lets sales leader give you their definition of Sales.


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What does your Enneagram type say about your leadership style?

What does your Enneagram type say about your subconscious style of leadership? At Vision Forward, we often work with the Enneagram, a scientifically proven method of figuring out one’s subconscious belief system.

If you want to get to know more about the Enneagram, get in touch!

“The Enneagram personality test is a transformative tool. While many assessments help people understand their strengths, the Enneagram takes it a step further. It’s a map of the human psyche, providing a deep understanding of human behavior.

The Enneagram is a system of nine personality types, showing the interactions among each type. Although we all have the nine types within us, one is most dominant, and with it comes its own set of unique gifts and challenges.

By understanding your type, you can get let go of habitual patterns and open up to your own inherent gifts. As you become more aware of your type, you can move up the levels of growth and ultimately lead from your best self. You understand your reactions, preferences, and how you show up for your team. With this level of self-awareness, we can be free of the patterns that hold us back and develop an understanding of those with whom we interact.”


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