Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Sheryl Sandberg all use the same old-school organizational hack

“TED speaker Damon Brown wrote in Inc. that writing things down helps us filter our thoughts, remember ideas and insights, and articulate the abstract.” That’s why Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Sheryal Sandberg all use pen and paper to help them organize their thoughts and their days.

Neuroscience tells us that when you write something down, your brain creates an extra link that’ll help you remember. Additionally, it increases your clarity of thought, when you actually write those thoughts down. You cannot go into a stream of consciousness style rant on these pages, so you’ll have to streamline those thoughts.

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Attitude & Mindset are a Choice

You know it. We know it. Your people know it. Your mindset, attitude, and your subconscious beliefs determine your actions and your results.  “In sales and in life, attitude is greatest single predictor of how far and fast you will climb. In other words, attitude = altitude. Make the choice today to use your attitude to go straight to the top.”

Want to learn more about how our subconscious beliefs impact our actions? And how you can increase your influence over your own beliefs and actions, and those of others? Leave a comment, or send an e-mail by clicking here.

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Success Is More Than Just Reading A Few Books

What does ‘success’ mean to you?

“Goals only matter and help when supported by properly executed systems. The quality of your life is determined by the consistency of your actions. The trajectory is more important than the current position. Especially yours. The best way to change who you are is to change what you do. You ARE what you DO. Your success is a result of your daily actions. You always get what you repeatedly do.

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14 CEOs reveal the No. 1 job skill they look for in employees

What is the number 01 job skill you think is the most important? In your colleagues, employees, or even in your boss?

Resilience, asking for feedback, and a constant craving for learning and improving are high on this list. Most of these habits are subconscious, and come easily to you. Or, quite opposite, you will have to actively learn these and turn them from a very conscious activity to a subconscious activity.

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Trainen naar een Growth Mindset

Wij zien dit natuurlijk bijzonder veel in onze dagelijkse praktijk. Als je als werkgever of onderdeel van een team niet een goede grip hebt op essentiële onderdelen van de menselijke natuur, ga je ’t bijzonder lastig krijgen. De soft skills zijn al jaren belangrijk, en worden dat alleen nog maar meer. In een wereld van technologische innovatie, blijft het menselijke contact essentieel.

“Volgens Katelijn Nijsmans drukken sociaal-emotionele skills de komende jaren hun stempel op de werkvloer. ‘De problemen die opduiken, winnen aan complexiteit. Dat geldt ook voor de teams die ze zullen oplossen.’ […] Wie relevant wil blijven op de arbeidsmarkt, moet de veerkracht hebben om zich continu bij te scholen.”

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How Long Are You Going to Wait?

“How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?” — Epictetus

Are you content with where you are now? The goals you may or may not have attained? Then ask yourself: Have I given my all? Have I given everything that I could have?

Are you demanding the best for yourself? Are you demanding the best of yourself?

Let’s get in touch if you want yourself, or your people, better able to realize and attain all the goals you might set.

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Five Traits Low-Stress, Happy Work Cultures Have In Common

Around the world you’ll find scientifically identified pockets of happy people ranging in size from neighborhoods to entire countries. Researcher Dan Buettner spent years studying them to find out what makes them so special, and how others can emulate their success in the happiness department.

Limiting your workweek, avoiding long commutes, not skipping vacation, enjoying Happy Hour, and having the right boss are the factors that Buettner says have the most impact. Letting go of one of these traits in your company can have detrimental effects on the productivity, efficiency, and thus the results of the company.

What are the traits that are driving your current levels of stress? Of the lack thereof? Let us know!


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This 2 Minute Trick Will Make You Likelier to Achieve Your Goals

Are you guilty of failing to hit goals? You need just two minutes a day (and a pen) to improve your success rates.

Neurosciences tells us that an important factor in getting things done, becoming more disciplined, and hitting goals is simply writing your goals and activities for that day / week / month / year. Commitment and consistency is what influencer Cialdini calls that.

If you want to really get into the habit of ticking off everything on your to do list, the first step is to actually write down your to do list. Your subconscious mind loves repetition – it’s one of the two ways it really integrates something new into its system.

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