Organizations should embrace “lifelong employability”

New technology improves the various in which people are trained. AI is an essential part of the future of the workplace, and the people in it. However, “few organizations or individuals are prepared for such a transition. Already, there’s a significant gap, brought on by digitization and advanced data analytics, between the skills people have and the skills companies need.”

How are you setting your people up for success? Not just now, but in the future? How people deal with changing environments will be the most fundamental skill in the future. That may differ from one organization to another, but every company will be affected by the technological innovations that are already here, and by those that are still coming.

ross findon 303091 unsplash 1 | Vision Forward International

If you want your people to view “change” differently, something has to shift in their mindsets. In their belief systems. In the way they approach ‘work’. How they interact with customers. How they view themselves. And that’s not necessarily easy, but done the right way, it will be effective. It requires an intervention on the level of subconscious beliefs.

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