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Do you understand that the water is rising, and that you’ll have to start swimming? Or else you’ll sink and drown? But how do you do that?

In order to provide a good answer to those questions, it’s important to realize that the process is pretty much the same for organizations and individuals. When dealing with changing times, it same principle applies to both organizations and individual professionals. If you can’t compete, or be ahead even, you’ll be overtaken by the competition.

To make matters worse is that you, most likely, have no idea who or what that competition is. It may not even exist yet. How do you think that the examples below have thought of their competitors, a few years before they were confronted with them?

Were they ready for the future?

The success of physical news papers lags behind news websites.

The success of hotels lags behind organizations such as Airbnb.

The success of traditional public transportation or taxis versus the success of Uber.

Et cetera, et cetera.

These may be stereotypical examples, by now, of innovation and disruption in traditional industries. It seems that those industries weren’t as steady as was forecasted.

The same applies for individual professionals.

Who was ready for the future?
Were the newspapers ready for disruption?

When individual professionals can combine different kinds of skills (i.e. hard skills combined with soft skills), they will become much more successful than their individual competitor who’s only mono-skilled. (Which is why a technical ánd commercial consultant is rare!)

However, both the organization and the individual will still show some flexibility in their ever-changing environments. That flexibility can be seen in the actual activities they undertake as well as in the way they undertake those.

Their attitude will have to change, as well as their behavior. An attitude of innovation, flexibility, and adaption will have to arise, combined with the meta-skill to put that attitude and mindset into practice. The behavior that will come with that, is dependent of specific situations those organizations and individuals will find themselves in.

Beware: With a high degree of certainty we can state that it will remain essentially important to work effectively with people.

Do you want to be successful, now and in the future?

It will be of added value to you to learn how people work, and how to get people to working together to a higher cause. Whether you are a CEO, a manager, a sales person, or a team member – as long you work with people, you’ll have to work wíth people.

Vision Forward supports people and organizations in these developments. In fact, the irrationality of mankind is the foundation of everything we do in our training sessions and developmental projects. We know that this is an essential part of ‘getting free’ of non-conscious beliefs that limit you, and the transition to conscious and constructive beliefs that will get you ready for your success in the future.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll talk about the future of your organization and the people who work in it. Now and in the future.

Written by Stephan Annema

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