(This is article #03 from our short series, looking at what it takes to become and stay successful in a continually changing future. Read #1 and #2 if you really want to be ready for the future.)

Attitude, mind set, knowledge, and skills

Naturally, the question that follows is: How do I change my attitude and mind set? And how can I most effectively take in new knowledge and skills?

Simply said: Start developing yourself. Thanks to the printing press and the Internet, that’s become easier than ever. Search Google for ‘the difference between features, advantages, and benefits’, ‘effective communication’ or ‘time management tips’, and you’ll see pages and pages of knowledge. Additionally, you can find plenty of training, workshops, and courses.

There is plenty of supply via the Internet alone.

Obviously, libraries are full of books containing all the knowledge and theory than Mankind has to offer. Read that, and you’ll be further along. In fact, when you get to the section with management books, personal development, or professional development, you’ll find enough regarding necessary skills that will allow you to take the next steps in your own growth and success.

By reading books, you can become ready for the future!

Click here for a number of impressive books that can aid you in your personal development.

Obviously, you’ll reach out to Vision Forward, if you have a mind set on expanding your skill set. ūüėČ

Naturally, it makes perfect sense to start applying the theoretical knowledge and skills in your daily practice. Otherwise, it will remain theoretical, and the absorbed knowledge or attained skill will not become practical.

Now for the million dollar question: If it’s really that easy, why does nobody do it?

The answer: Welcome to the irrationality of Mankind.

Is your brain ready for the future?

I will keep it short and sweet, since I’ve written about this topic extensively (click here, here, and here): The human brain automates pretty much everything (>95%) of human behavior, and uses its energy to retain the status quo. That status quo equals ‘safety’. Despite changing circumstances, human beings find it remarkably complex to change with those circumstances. Because that would break through the current status quo.

Us humans are not as rational as we’d like to think. Most of our actions and behaviors are not based on objective facts, but on our thoughts and interpretations regarding those facts. We call those our non-conscious beliefs.

Your non-conscious beliefs determine what you do, and how you do that. Well, you wouldn’t do anything if you don’t believe it has value, right?

Now that you know this, it will make things both easier and more difficult.

More difficult, because people tend to believe and cling to their own sense of being right. There’s your non-conscious beliefs for you. Because: You would not do anything, if you didn’t consider it to be logical and rational, right? Despite any conflicting messages, because those are ignored without much regard.

On the other hand, it becomes easier. Now you know that human beings are irrational, you and me included, the step towards awareness around this has become obvious. You can start doubting your own non-conscious and irrational beliefs – be critical and ask yourself better questions, to reach better answers. Ideal situation, right?

The reason this is important, is because those (currently) non-conscious beliefs, nestled in your mind, are the short cut to becoming ready for the future!


It’s like this: When you internalize the conscious beliefs that you are of added value, that learning is amazing √°nd easy, and that you have a head start because you can easily adapt to changing situations, it makes sense that those beliefs start to manifest.

Keep learning and developing if you want to be ready for the future!

If you repeat the above mentioned beliefs, over and over again, you’ll start to behave differently based on those beliefs. You’ll start to believe them. You will adopt new knowledge and skills quicker, which will allow you to become more flexible in your attitude and behavior, depending on the situation. Which is beneficial on every level.

Moreover, the only reason for people to change anything, is if they are strongly aware of the necessity of that change. Sustainable change of behavior only comes forth from the belief that it is necessary, useful, or desirable. Or else it won’t.

Which is why we often speak to CEOs, directors, and managers that really don’t know what to do about the lagging professional development of their organization. They offer all the knowledge and skills. Why don’t their colleagues just change? It’s simple!

Yeah, too bad.

But how then?

There is hope: You yourself are the most important instrument you have. Despite changes in environment or circumstances, now and in the future, as long as you are capable to look critically at your own beliefs, and can adapt when needed, you will be able to be flexible and be successful.

Are you ready for the future? Look at your beliefs, and you’ll know.

Not ready for the future? Take your time to work on it, so that you can become ready.

Vision Forward¬†supports people and organizations in these developments. In fact, the¬†irrationality of mankind¬†is the foundation of everything we do in our training sessions and developmental projects. We know that this is an essential part of ‚Äėgetting free‚Äô of non-conscious beliefs that limit you, and the transition to conscious and constructive beliefs that will get you ready for your success in the future.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll talk about the future of your organization and the people who work in it. Now and in the future.

Written by Stephan Annema

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