There’s Only One Thing To Do With Today: Seize It

In need of a practical motivational post?

“The famous Latin phrase carpe diem, or “seize the day,” has stared at us from coffee cups and motivational posters for as long as we’ve been alive. Longer, in fact; it’s from a poem written in 23 B.C. We’ve been struggling to follow this simple anodyne command basically since the beginning of time. It was hard for the ancients, and it’s hard for us.”

The point is to keep moving, to start making progress.

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Night Owls, These Neuroscientists Are Worried About Your Health

Entrepreneurs, sales people, beware!

It’s common among entrepreneurs and successful sales people. Wake up early, work all day long, have some times allotted to the family, and after dinner, do some more work. Late to bed, early to rise, with not enough sleep.

Everybody is different, and we think that makes the world a more interesting place. However, some habits have a detrimental effect on your health, your productivity, and thus your success.

There are some neurological issues that come along with having a night owl sleeping rhythm. Luckily, the health issues that researches see with night owls can be changed – if the habits are gradually changed.

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Are you a night owl? Or are you a morning person? And how do you see it affects your productivity and success? Let us know!

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Three Tips From A Neuroscientist On How To Be The Most Productive Multitasker

Neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley says the human mind isn’t built for multitasking–but we do it anyway.

When we’re working consciously, we cannot multitask. It’s that simple – our brains can’t handle that. If we’re unconscious, about 93% of the time, we can multitask! But do we want to?

Gazzaley says: Human brains aren’t built to handle constant multitasking (on tech devices), and the constant task-switching of modern work life has negative effects.

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Here are a few of Gazzaley’s best pieces of advice.

  1. Know your limits.
  2. Take frequent breaks.
  3. Set expectations.

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9 Ways To Show Your People You Value Them

You need to feel valued. So do your people.

“Your people need more than a salary and fulfilling work to be their best. They need to know that you see the value in them as individuals and in the work they deliver.”

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What are the 9 simple ways to make your people feel valued?

  • Be interested
  • Provide regular, constructive feedback
  • Invest in them
  • Prepare to lose them
  • Set clear, measurable expectations
  • Make time for them
  • Acknowledge them publicly
  • Say the tough stuff
  • Give them an opportunity to use their superpowers

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22 Optical Illusions That Prove Your Brain Sucks

What you think is reality is a lie. Our subconscious mind fools us all day, every day.

Our brains love to present reality in a way that makes sense to us, based on patterns we think we recognize and experiences we’ve had in the past. That shows up when we look at optical illusions, but it also shows up when we move through life, relationships, and work.

Just look at this image below.

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“Our brains filter a constant tsunami of stimuli and piece the important parts together to recreate what we know as “reality.” And they do all this in damn-near real time—which is really impressive if you think about it. But here’s the thing: a big chunk of what we consider “reality” actually consists of our brains making guestimates.”

Want to break out of the most important subconscious beliefs and patterns? Let’s get in touch.

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If You Only Read a Few Books in 2019, Read These

Speed up your success by learning from others.

Ryan Holiday says: “If you’d like to be jerked around less, provoked less, and more productive and inwardly focused, where should you start in 2019?

To me, the answer is obvious: by turning to wisdom. That means turning away from the news, turning away from whatever trend or controversy is boiling nearby, and looking instead to books—really great books that have stood, or will stand, the test of time.”

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Stop Leadership Derailment In Its Tracks With 3 Brain-Based Tools

Are you leading from excellence or from ignorance?

What is your leadership style? How are you being perceived by your people? How are you optimizing on the power of the subconscious mind?

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A recent blog from Harvard Business Review discussed managerial derailment. According to author Scott Gregory, ‘The key derailment characteristics of bad managers are well documented and fall into three broad behavioral categories: (1) “moving away behaviors,” which create distance from others through hyper-emotionality, diminished communication, and skepticism that erodes trust; (2) “moving against behaviors,” which overpower and manipulate people while aggrandizing the self; and (3) “moving toward behaviors,” which include being ingratiating, overly conforming, and reluctant to take chances or stand up for one’s team.’

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