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Martijn on TikTok sharing free business advice!
Seen Martijn’s TikTok videos?

Free Business Advice – Day 01

If you start a business, always make sure that the people around you are part of a valuable feedback loop. Getting positive feedback all the time is not good. In reality, 90% of the ideas you have are probably just fine. BUT you want to make sure you aren’t investing time in the other 10% because others don’t dare to challenge you on your ideas. A good feedback loop consists of people who respect you well enough to protect you from bad ideas. I call this feedforward.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDF5EEc/

Free Business Advice – Day 02

Try to hire people who are not alike. Having people with the same ideology, beliefs, or values can be great. It can also hinder you from thinking outside the box, come up with a different approach, or look at a problem or opportunity from a different perspective. Don’t be afraid you won’t be buddies. If you hire the right people, they will share the same goal: making your company extremely successful. Same as part 1, you also increase the chance of a valuable feedback loop.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFSUVF/

Free Business Advice – Day 03

If you set a goal for you and your business, make sure you can see the end result. If you know the end result, you tell your subconscious it has already happened. Continuously remember your brain about the end result once you have reached your goal. You can even write it down on your phone and save that writing as a background picture. It’s like a mood board; you visualize it for yourself. Your subconscious behavior is the one who is calling the shots in many different parts of your success.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFVeVW/

Free Business Advice – Day 04

Make sure you check your friends. Often difficult for people to accept, but if you have people who aren’t working on their own goals, they tend to drag you down. It doesn’t mean you should get rid of them; it just means you should be careful when surrounding yourself with them in business-critical moments. Toxic behavior can limit creativity and success in so many different ways! There is a world behind why these people drag you down. One thing to remember: it’s not their fault.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFSrqp/

Free Business Advice – Day 05

Starting a business is, for many people, an irrational process of outweighing many risks. Risks like; what you can lose or need to sacrifice. If you keep analyzing risk, you will never get anything done. So, my advice would be to start small and do something you are sure you will achieve. It’s the first punch in the face of negative thoughts that try to tell you not to do it. Keep living in concepts is a waste of all your business ideas and the future potential of your business.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDF43d6/

Free Business Advice – Day 06

Do your market research! If you have a fantastic idea, just try to look at the competition and the current market you are willing to serve. Observe their activities and see what they are good at or could approve on. After you have done that, you should ask yourself the following question. (Don’t forget to be critical!) “What will you do differently and better to differentiate yourself from the competition?” This question will drastically alter your business idea for better, long-term success.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFxLt3/

Free Business Advice – Day 07

Move slowly. This is basically a connection with part 1. Evaluate your business idea and make adjustments that contribute to the goal of your business. It’s one to critique previous ideas and change them for the better. Unfortunately, I have seen many people pull on a dead horse just because they can’t let go of the things they have created. They keep trying and trying to bring life back into a project or idea when you have, in fact, already stretched every inch out of it.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFqSWM/

Free Business Advice – Day 08

Be careful of hyper trends. If your business is a foundation for the longer term, it’s easy to get sucked into the endless trends that happen around you. Remember the fidget spinners? Many people who jumped on a train that was already dying lost a lot of money and were stuck with thousands of fidget spinners. As with part 6, do your market research and follow the data. You can spot a decline in a trend. If it stabilizes, it’s not a trend. If it shows a decline, it’s a trend.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFVYaX/

Free Business Advice – Day 09

I am surprised this one is part 9, but one of the most important ones. ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY. Great business ideas take time to grow. Remember, your subconscious will do everything to steer you away from the idea if you don’t see immediate success. Your subconscious wants fast confirmation. Just keep remembering what your goal is, and you will be fine. A final note: If you keep experiencing failure, remember that every failure is a way of teaching yourself never to let that happen again!

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFAcBB/

Free Business Advice – Day 10

Listen to your clients. Having one client or 10.000, it doesn’t matter. Always listen to the feedback of your clients. They are the only reason you have a business. Ignoring their valuable information can damage your company in the long term. Many clients don’t even give feedback if your service or products aren’t satisfying to them. So by asking them for feedback, you optimize your products or service. It will also show you listen authentically, which confirms that you care!

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFHYsa/

Free Business Advice – Day 11

The competition is your friend. There is nothing more stupid than to attack your competition. Not on your website, an interview, or with a client. Nowhere. It only shows you are scared of their products or services. See your competition as a healthy company in your market. As mentioned in Part 6: observe them, learn from them and see how you will distinguish yourself from their business. If you do everything right, there will be a place for you and your competitor.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFPJqJ/

Free Business Advice – Day 12

This one is a little bit cliché, but you won’t succeed if you do it only for the money. Because what if you don’t like it? What if you aren’t happy with your business? Do you keep going because of the money? If you answer yes, you are preparing for the inevitable: losing your business. You will ultimately lose a sense of reality. Running a business requires you to enjoy it every second. Put that joy in your products. Use that positive energy to make amazing services or products.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFbe1J/

Free Business Advice – Day 13

Have the optimal form of focus. If you do something, finish it. If you plan to do something, make sure it actually happens. I strongly advise you to look up Rory Vaden. He has created a model that helps you to make sure you apply the right focus. He will explain that everything you need to do must help you with the success of tomorrow. Can you eliminate it? Can you automate it? Can you delegate it? Go check it out!

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFqggS/

Free Business Advice – Day 14

Imagine that you have no money. How would you try to execute your idea? Thinking like this will most likely help you to be critical of your expenses and financial business model. Once money comes in, people tend to become a little lazier. In fact, set the money aside and focus with all your energy on the next project as if you have no money. Your motivation will be more consistent, and you will have a more efficient next project.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFqWQW/

Free Business Advice – Day 15

Start reinvesting the money once you generate income. See your first income as an opportunity to reinvest it in something else. Of course, this investment should help you with the success of tomorrow, as with part 13. If you are making videos, buy needed equipment. Mr. Beast invested every dollar he made into new equipment. I think we all know where he currently is. Fifty million subscribers and money is no longer an issue. Again, apply part 13 to your investment. Can you, for example, automate processes?

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Free Business Advice – Day 16

Halfway through my 30-second business advice, I would like to be a little more personal with this one. Passion in your work is essential, but don’t let it consume everything you do. Balance out the business idea with your passion. If passion gets the upper hand and you no longer rationally can run your business, toxic things can happen, like your company might miss new opportunities, or like in part 1, there is no longer a feedback loop.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFqVnX/

Free Business Advice – Day 17

Dare to launch your product or services even if it isn’t perfect. It’s straightforward; if you stay in the perfecting-your-product-phase, you are doing nothing more but creating an endless concept. Dare to launch it and learn along the way. If you have a client that will use it for the first time, agree that they will receive something in return for testing your platform. If your idea is solid, they will support you, and you will work it out.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFCoaG/

Free Business Advice – Day 18

Starting a business requires a clear state of mind. Make sure you are in a good place when starting a business. I forgot how many parts we talk about your subconscious, but trust me. Your brain is capable of the most beautiful things in life, but it can destroy so many things. Make sure you are ready to deal with everything that will come on your path. Can you handle the tasks, the highs and lows, and the pressure? I believe you can but, does your brain feel the same?

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFCw1w/

Free Business Advice – Day 19

Pitch your business ideas to someone not close to you. They will have an objective and can rationally look at your business idea. An emotional connection towards you doesn’t hinder them. Make sure when you get the opportunity to talk with them to ask questions that will help you. Dare to ask questions that feel uncomfortable. For example: Would you buy my product if you had this problem. The worst that can happen is that they say no. The best thing that will happen after, you ask them what is needed to buy my product? 

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFhfow/

Free Business Advice – Day 20

Start your networking journey. Connect with other people that share similar interests. Find potential clients by going to virtual or real-life events and share contact details. Connect via different social media and inform them of your business. You won’t immediately sell something to them, but you can bet they will think of you when you have a solution for their problem. Networking is hugely underrated, and I highly suggest you use everything available in this digital age.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDF9fo2/

Free Business Advice – Day 21

Once you have successfully started your business and have people working for you, make sure you train them, no matter how successful you are. People development is very underrated within companies. Training people on their skills, beliefs, and capacity is a way to sharpen the mind and bring in new focus. Try to avoid training inside the company. Hire someone who is not hindered by a personal connection. They are willing to challenge your people. Some self-promotion; you can always call me!

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDF4G19/

Free Business Advice – Day 22

Stop procrastinating. Dear oh dear, there are so many books on this topic, but wow, great potential will be wasted because people keep procrastinating on their business ideas. Many people think introverts tend to procrastinate more. This is entirely false. Everyone has an equal chance of procrastinating. My advice is straightforward: Procrastinating only happens because you haven’t set a goal you believe in! You have created an atmosphere where you don’t want to take a risk and don’t want to set new goals.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDF5R8f/

Free Business Advice – Day 23

Never stop learning. The saying goes; You are never too old to stop learning. This is so true. I am the best example. If I kept doing what I was doing, never would I have made that leap forward I needed to with my business. I maybe wouldn’t even make this video. By learning, you challenge yourself to think about new things you can do to make a difference in life and your career. Read a book on something you know nothing of. A new world might just open up for you

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFu22s/

Free Business Advice – Day 24

Ask yourself: Why would anyone be willing to buy my products or services? It is such an easy question. But if you sit down, maybe even close your eyes and ask yourself: Why would anyone want to buy my products or services? What is the answer you would give yourself? As hard as it sounds, if you cannot give yourself the answer to this question, how are you supposed to make sure your client can do the same? 

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFHe5B/

Free Business Advice – Day 25

Fall in love with failure. Even Apple once had almost no more money. There are barely any companies that have had a “Forever” success streak. It isn’t possible. Just get used to failing many, many times. Get used to having no money. Just get accustomed to all the failures you will endure along the way. Every failure leads to 4 good things. Every failure allows for critical and creative thinking. Just make sure it does not stop you from your idea! 

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDF48dL/

Free Business Advice – Day 26

Elon Musk once said: If you work 100 hours and your competition works 50 hours. You will get twice as much done. Now, it is true that time is the real champion in many cases, but here I give more personal advice. You haven’t been born into this world to work non-stop. Have fun! Enjoy live. Create downstream thoughts! Nothing is more problematic than when you can no longer work because you gave too much. Hard work will be rewarded, but not at all cost. Tomorrow more on this one!

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFhWRw/

Free Business Advice – Day 27

Part 26 was all about working too hard. There is a way to make sure you manage your time well. What I want you to do is the following: Speak out your goal and multiple that goal times 10. Now write down on a piece of paper (don’t use a phone) what you will need to do to achieve that. It will feel very uncomfortable but trust me, it will help you think bigger and make a smarter decision on how you spend your time. 

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFVfNB/

Free Business Advice – Day 28

Your business ideas need to be understood on one single piece of paper. If you can, you can explain it to other people. If you ever need an investor, you can quickly tell them about your business idea. It also helps you to simplify difficult parts of your business. Remember, people are lazy by nature. Keep their attention by being short, powerful, and easy to follow. You will get much more people on your side. This will support your business!

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFAMmL/

Free Business Advice – Day 29

As a business owner, you should talk with external sources like a mentor. Don’t be afraid to let a professional coach help you to become the best version of yourself. Hashtag ad: I coach people into realizing their full potential. It works miracles if you understand why you do the things you do and optimize your thoughts and behavior that brought you success. A coach can help you to prepare for the next step in your success.

Click here for the video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeDFQ5MJ/

Free Business Advice – Day 30

The final part. In this one, I would like to thank you for making it this far. Maybe you just tuned in. Anyways, thank you very much. I very much enjoy making these videos, and it is a true inspiration if it has reached your thoughts and made you think about your own business. Share the one you liked. Subscribe on YouTube and follow me on other social platforms. For now.

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Are you ready for the future? [Part 03 of 03]

(This is article #03 from our short series, looking at what it takes to become and stay successful in a continually changing future. Read #1 and #2 if you really want to be ready for the future.)

Attitude, mind set, knowledge, and skills

Naturally, the question that follows is: How do I change my attitude and mind set? And how can I most effectively take in new knowledge and skills?

Simply said: Start developing yourself. Thanks to the printing press and the Internet, that’s become easier than ever. Search Google for ‘the difference between features, advantages, and benefits’, ‘effective communication’ or ‘time management tips’, and you’ll see pages and pages of knowledge. Additionally, you can find plenty of training, workshops, and courses.

There is plenty of supply via the Internet alone.

Obviously, libraries are full of books containing all the knowledge and theory than Mankind has to offer. Read that, and you’ll be further along. In fact, when you get to the section with management books, personal development, or professional development, you’ll find enough regarding necessary skills that will allow you to take the next steps in your own growth and success.

By reading books, you can become ready for the future!

Click here for a number of impressive books that can aid you in your personal development.

Obviously, you’ll reach out to Vision Forward, if you have a mind set on expanding your skill set. 😉

Naturally, it makes perfect sense to start applying the theoretical knowledge and skills in your daily practice. Otherwise, it will remain theoretical, and the absorbed knowledge or attained skill will not become practical.

Now for the million dollar question: If it’s really that easy, why does nobody do it?

The answer: Welcome to the irrationality of Mankind.

Is your brain ready for the future?

I will keep it short and sweet, since I’ve written about this topic extensively (click here, here, and here): The human brain automates pretty much everything (>95%) of human behavior, and uses its energy to retain the status quo. That status quo equals ‘safety’. Despite changing circumstances, human beings find it remarkably complex to change with those circumstances. Because that would break through the current status quo.

Us humans are not as rational as we’d like to think. Most of our actions and behaviors are not based on objective facts, but on our thoughts and interpretations regarding those facts. We call those our non-conscious beliefs.

Your non-conscious beliefs determine what you do, and how you do that. Well, you wouldn’t do anything if you don’t believe it has value, right?

Now that you know this, it will make things both easier and more difficult.

More difficult, because people tend to believe and cling to their own sense of being right. There’s your non-conscious beliefs for you. Because: You would not do anything, if you didn’t consider it to be logical and rational, right? Despite any conflicting messages, because those are ignored without much regard.

On the other hand, it becomes easier. Now you know that human beings are irrational, you and me included, the step towards awareness around this has become obvious. You can start doubting your own non-conscious and irrational beliefs – be critical and ask yourself better questions, to reach better answers. Ideal situation, right?

The reason this is important, is because those (currently) non-conscious beliefs, nestled in your mind, are the short cut to becoming ready for the future!


It’s like this: When you internalize the conscious beliefs that you are of added value, that learning is amazing ánd easy, and that you have a head start because you can easily adapt to changing situations, it makes sense that those beliefs start to manifest.

Keep learning and developing if you want to be ready for the future!

If you repeat the above mentioned beliefs, over and over again, you’ll start to behave differently based on those beliefs. You’ll start to believe them. You will adopt new knowledge and skills quicker, which will allow you to become more flexible in your attitude and behavior, depending on the situation. Which is beneficial on every level.

Moreover, the only reason for people to change anything, is if they are strongly aware of the necessity of that change. Sustainable change of behavior only comes forth from the belief that it is necessary, useful, or desirable. Or else it won’t.

Which is why we often speak to CEOs, directors, and managers that really don’t know what to do about the lagging professional development of their organization. They offer all the knowledge and skills. Why don’t their colleagues just change? It’s simple!

Yeah, too bad.

But how then?

There is hope: You yourself are the most important instrument you have. Despite changes in environment or circumstances, now and in the future, as long as you are capable to look critically at your own beliefs, and can adapt when needed, you will be able to be flexible and be successful.

Are you ready for the future? Look at your beliefs, and you’ll know.

Not ready for the future? Take your time to work on it, so that you can become ready.

Vision Forward supports people and organizations in these developments. In fact, the irrationality of mankind is the foundation of everything we do in our training sessions and developmental projects. We know that this is an essential part of ‘getting free’ of non-conscious beliefs that limit you, and the transition to conscious and constructive beliefs that will get you ready for your success in the future.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll talk about the future of your organization and the people who work in it. Now and in the future.

Written by Stephan Annema

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Are you ready for the future? [Part 02 of 03]

(This is article #2 from our short series, in which we look at what’s needed in order to be ánd stay successful in ever-changing times. Click here for #1 and keep an eye on our socials for #3 if you want be ready for the future!)

Do you understand that the water is rising, and that you’ll have to start swimming? Or else you’ll sink and drown? But how do you do that?

In order to provide a good answer to those questions, it’s important to realize that the process is pretty much the same for organizations and individuals. When dealing with changing times, it same principle applies to both organizations and individual professionals. If you can’t compete, or be ahead even, you’ll be overtaken by the competition.

To make matters worse is that you, most likely, have no idea who or what that competition is. It may not even exist yet. How do you think that the examples below have thought of their competitors, a few years before they were confronted with them?

Were they ready for the future?

The success of physical news papers lags behind news websites.

The success of hotels lags behind organizations such as Airbnb.

The success of traditional public transportation or taxis versus the success of Uber.

Et cetera, et cetera.

These may be stereotypical examples, by now, of innovation and disruption in traditional industries. It seems that those industries weren’t as steady as was forecasted.

The same applies for individual professionals.

Who was ready for the future?
Were the newspapers ready for disruption?

When individual professionals can combine different kinds of skills (i.e. hard skills combined with soft skills), they will become much more successful than their individual competitor who’s only mono-skilled. (Which is why a technical ánd commercial consultant is rare!)

However, both the organization and the individual will still show some flexibility in their ever-changing environments. That flexibility can be seen in the actual activities they undertake as well as in the way they undertake those.

Their attitude will have to change, as well as their behavior. An attitude of innovation, flexibility, and adaption will have to arise, combined with the meta-skill to put that attitude and mindset into practice. The behavior that will come with that, is dependent of specific situations those organizations and individuals will find themselves in.

Beware: With a high degree of certainty we can state that it will remain essentially important to work effectively with people.

Do you want to be successful, now and in the future?

It will be of added value to you to learn how people work, and how to get people to working together to a higher cause. Whether you are a CEO, a manager, a sales person, or a team member – as long you work with people, you’ll have to work wíth people.

Vision Forward supports people and organizations in these developments. In fact, the irrationality of mankind is the foundation of everything we do in our training sessions and developmental projects. We know that this is an essential part of ‘getting free’ of non-conscious beliefs that limit you, and the transition to conscious and constructive beliefs that will get you ready for your success in the future.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll talk about the future of your organization and the people who work in it. Now and in the future.

Written by Stephan Annema

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Are you ready for the future? [Part 01 of 03]

If one thing became clear in 2020, is that anything can change. Over night.

Who would have guessed that some weird virus in China, emerging in November of 2019, would have such an impact on the market, health care, and the liberties of citizens around the world? One of its consequences is that we are confronted, rather harshly, with the fact that anything can change. Additionally, if you are not flexible in changing with the circumstances, you will be left behind. So the question emerges: Are you ready for the future?

(This is article #01 in a short series that will look at what’s needed to become and stay successful in ever-changing times. Follow our LinkedIn page here for #02 en #03!)

The stories of entrepreneurs in the hotel and catering industry, who have had to alter their entire business plan last year from offline experience to online delivery are known.

Additionally, the stories about white collar companies who no longer flock to office buildings during working hours, but who work from home whilst operating their Zoom or Microsoft Teams calls are also very familiar by now.

Let’s not forget the healthcare workers, who have been working non-stop since the outbreak. They have been taking care of the sick and needy, and are doing an amazing job.

In short: The impact is clear to all, and the above-mentioned examples don’t come close in showing the full picture. Everybody has their Covid-stories, with family, friends, and with professional relationships.

However, one thing is very clear: Everybody has had to adapt to this new, and in the beginning unknown, situation.

It's time for change and adapting to be ready for the future.

It’s really too bad that a dangerous situation, such as Covid-19, was needed to cause this.

What else will change?

Technology continues to change. That much is clear. The emergence of new technology, more effective way of automating, and the evolution of artificial intelligence are going to disrupt entire industries. And that is just the tip of the ice berg. The exponential change, inserted by disruptive technology, will impact all aspects of human life.

Obviously, plenty has been written about that. Just Google search terms that have to do with the effects and consequences of new technologies, automation, or A.I., and it will become very obvious right away.

But let’s not forget that in the short- and mid term, there will be consequences for organizations and the people that work in those organizations. A lot of jobs will change, due to the new tech that we’ll be working with.

Accountants becoming obsolete is a rumor that has been going around for a while. Much of their jobs will be taken over by effective automation and AI. Where should these accountants go?

What about the factories? What jobs will remain exactly the same, if the machines can operate more and more autonomously? Even more so: If those machines can recognize mistakes earlier, and undertake the appropriate and automized acties to correct those mistakes?

Are the factories ready for the future?

Keep your sights on Elon Musk, too, who is ahead of the curve with his companies. Especially when it concerns self-driving cars and trucks. What will that mean for the logistical and transport industry, or the cab drivers who color New York yellow?

The prospect is that many jobs as we know them now, will change or disappear. Easy as that.

The times they are a-changin’

In fact, the entire Covid-19 situation, and the ever-changing circumstances, continually remind me of the famous Bob Dylan song The Times They Are A-Changin’Especially the first verse:

Come gather ’round, people / Wherever you roam / And admit that the waters / Around you have grown / And accept it that soon / You’ll be drenched to the bone / If your time to you is worth savin’ / And you better start swimmin’ / Or you’ll sink like a stone / For the times they are a-changin’

Simply said: The water is rising, and you’ll just have to accept that it will impact you. But: If you think it’s important to keep on keeping on, you better start swimming. Or you’ll sink. The water is coming – how will you handle it?

This song was released in 1964. The only constant is change..?

And now what?

How long it will take for those job to change, is unclear and dependent on many factors, such as technological progress and the needs of the markets. In these articles, I will not be answering that question.

What I can tell you, however, is that there will always be a very important role for businesses and professionals. The way you will or won’t be a part of that, depends on your mind set regarding these developments. And how ready for the future you are.

That is what this series of articles will be about.

Vision Forward supports people and organizations in these developments. In fact, the irrationality of mankind is the foundation of everything we do in our training sessions and developmental projects. We know that this is an essential part of ‘getting free’ of non-conscious beliefs that limit you, and the transition to conscious and constructive beliefs that will get you ready for your success in the future.

Get in touch with us, and we’ll talk about the future of your organization and the people who work in it. Now and in the future.

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Written by Stephan Annema

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Aligned Goals: Success for everybody!

De compounding effect of aligned goals

From our Vision Forward stand point, we discuss the value of setting the right goals regularly. Especially at the start of a new year, like right now. Goals that are taken a step further than the (bi-)annual goals, and truly give a magnificent vision for an amazing future. The benefit of setting goals like this, is that your brain can apply itself maximally on such goals. However, there is a disadvantage. Such goals can be terrifying in magnitude or ambition. Which is exactly why it’s important to get others involved! But how do you do that? By ensuring that all goals are aligned with each other.

What are aligned goals?

Aligned goals – what does that mean? Well, when your goals and the goals of someone else are aligned with each other, it has a compounding effect. Which can present itself in many forms. An example:

Imagine you’re a new business account manager. Together with your team, you’ve been presented with a team target. Obviously, you have been given your own targets. So far, so good. This is not exceptional. When everybody reaches their own, individual targets, it usually means that the team target is also realized. Oftentimes, the realization of the team target comes with monetary bonus, which is nice.

However! A (purely monetary) bonus doesn’t work as motivating for most as people think. Anybody who has read Drive by Daniel Pink, knows this by now. The logical question becomes then, well, what does work? Get in touch with Vision Forward, and we’ll look at it together!

Extrinsic motivation does not motivate

Let’s say you’re the same new business account manager as from the example above. However, this time, you find yourself talking to your Sales Director, who looks beyond the traditional bonus set up of the department. He starts to ask you questions, and makes you think about what you really want. What your goals are. “Wow,” you think, “nobody has ever asked me that!” You tell him that in 5 years, you want to become a Sales Director yourself. A worthy goal!

Your Sales Director goes deeper: “What is it that attracts you to that role? What will you get out of it, personally ánd professionally? What is the impact you’ll have on your team? Your other colleagues? Your organization? Your clients and customers?”

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

He really puts your brain to work and lets you think about what that role contains, and what you can get out of it. You agree on a goal: If you perform 10% above your individual target, each quarter, you will be presented with structural training and development to enable you to reach your goal, and to prepare you for the role of Sales Director in 5 years. Within the organization, or beyond it.

Herein lies the power of aligned Goals: When you set a Goal for yourself, and others connect to that, it results in a compounding effect. The one strengthens the other. 1+1=3. The benefit is, obviously, that the organization has an energetic, proactive, motivated and happy employee who will do anything to perform above target. With all the short- and long term benefits that come with that. But: You’ll have to invest in his/her future as well.

Working to Goals together, by individually working towards personal goals, works amplifying. Look towards the long term to figure out and describe the best Goals for everybody.

Aligned Goals: 1+1 = 3

Another great example: A project coordinator for a construction company, 55 years of age, has indicated to his manager that he would like to retire soon. Preferably a few years before reaching the usual retiring date, set by the collective labor agreement.

How do you effectively deal with this? You do not want this colleague to become unmotivated, or working with clients and projects in an indifferent manner. The CEO of this organization found a great solution: He agreed to an earlier retirement for this colleague, but not before he asked him what the financial consequences were going to be for this colleague, should he retire before the official date.

It makes sense that the monthly income, whilst retired, would become less if the colleague would retire early. Yes, that was going to be a challenge, and present the employee with a less-than-desirable situation. So what did the CEO suggest? Yes – the employee would be allowed to retire early. And yes, that would have negative financial consequences for him personally, regarding his income. Obviously, it would also entail some negative consequences for the organization: A replacement employee has to be found, hired and onboarded. So: A compromise!

To ensure that this employee would remain motivated to be as enthusiastic, customer friendly, and qualitative as before, the CEO suggested to supplement the retirement account of the employee. However, not for nothing. This colleague would receive a percentage of every new account or project that he would reel in, from that point forward. And that percentage would be deposited straight to his retirement account.

What effects did this cause? Well, that employee has gone to extreme lengths to seize every opportunity that would bring projects, new accounts, and new projects into the organization. And it worked. In those last few years, he has worked so hard that it not only ensured praise from his co-workers, but it also ensured that his retirement account was supplemented. When he retires, he will be financially very stable.

Of course, it was beneficial to the organization as well. New projects and accounts came in, who otherwise may not have been signed. New clients, new projects. 1+1=3.

What can you learn from these examples?

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Executive, a manager, or an employee. Think about what YOU want, and how can you aligned others to your goals. Ask about the goals of the people in your vicinity. Yes, both personal ánd professional goals. Then – get to work and create situations when 1+1 becomes 3. It will require an investment of time and energy, but you’ll see some extreme fantastic results.

Need support? Feel free to get in touch with Vision Forward, or click here to send us an e-mail. We’ll help you and your team. We love to do it, and luckily, we’re good at it.

Written by: Stephan Annema

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New Year: New Goals?


The new year has started – it’s now 2021! If one thing became abundantly clear in 2020, is that the world keeps changing. How has the ever changing environment had an impact on the goals you’ve set for yourself? And what are your new goals for 2021?

Obviously, Corona wasn’t the only thing that affected your 2020. No doubt, other factors have played their parts in your success last year. The people you’ve worked with, or those you’ve decided no longer to work with, have been of influence. New clients, old clients, or new partners.

But how are you going to direct this year, knowing that anything can change at any given moment?

In November of 2019, the first reports came about a virus in China, called Covid-19. Who could have known what its global impact would be? Unfortunately, in March, the rest of the world knew that it would be affected.

So – How are you going to tackle that in 2021?

Do you have new goals for 2021?

Have you set your Goals, and will you do whatever it takes to realize those goals?

Or will you be a little flexible, regarding those goals? As in: Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the starts? (It’s a cliché, we know..!)

We’d like to propose have a few kinds of goals. Three kinds, specifically.

#1: Long term Goal

How you do you envision the world in a couple of years? Say, 5 to 7 years? And how can you make a tangible impact on that?

The type of Goal we propose people set, in our trainings, is a real long term goal. A big, hairy, audacious Goal, where co-workers and colleagues will be inspired by because it motivates them to contribute to something larger than themselves.

However: Specify. Make it tangible. It should be able to be measured, which allows it to be realized. Do you have this kind of Goal yet? If not, start with some long term Goal setting.

A favorite example is Elon Musk: We’re going to Mars.

Goal of SpaceX is going to Mars!

#2: Short term Goals (a.k.a. Objectives)

Of course, after setting the long term Goals, we still have to do things on a day to day basis.

Which is why it’s important to set (two)yearly goals, which we will call objectives. Obviously, these has to be specified as well, just like the long term Goals. Again: If you can measure it, you can realize it.

It should make sense to you that the Objectives are an essential part of the long term Goal, because it should contribute to its realization.

So, if you want to go to Mars, the right tech, the right rockets, and the right funding must be realized. These are just examples of having the right Objectives to help realize the long term Goal.

What are your long term new goals?

The above mentioned Goals and Objectives should make sense to you. These are the most obvious.

Whoever has set their mind to setting Goals, will come across these kinds. Naturally.

However, since this is Vision Forward, and we have our unique methodology, we know that the two kinds of Goals mentioned above, are useless. At least, when you’re not paying attention to the third kind, which we dubbed Goals of Beliefs.

#3: Goals of Beliefs

So what’s this?

As you might know, our non-conscious beliefs are essential to the success we aim to. For your old goals and your new goals. As long are you do not non-consciously believe in the value of something, you won’t take action on it.

It’s simple, but definitely not easy.

Which is why we recommend Goals of Beliefs.

What are your non-conscious beliefs, and will you see as ‘undeniable truth’? Fix some of those, so it can become a continual constructive belief.

For instance, do you non-consciously believe that ‘goal setting does not work’? Teach yourself to adjust that belief daily to ‘a set Goal directs my activities, which accelerates my success’.

Do you have the non-conscious belief that ‘you have learned everything you need to’? Teach yourself that ‘learning means developing, which allows you to be flexible and capable’. You will be better capable to adapt when your environment asks for it.

Got doubts about your knowledge, skills, and competencies? These are non-conscious beliefs too. Teach yourself that you ‘are good enough, and that you are of added value to everybody’.

The daily repetition of a new belief is a constructive step forward, just as reflecting on positive experiences that prove those new beliefs is.

For Goals of Beliefs goes: Make sure it contributes to your Long Term Goal and the accompanying objectives!

We are curious to your new Goals, Objectives, and Goals of Beliefs for the coming year. Let us know!

Need any help setting goals, on a personal or a professional level? Get in touch with us!


Written by Stephan Annema

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Why do we like what we like?

The four-letter code for popularity

How did one man understand what so many different consumers wanted? In what manner did he use psychology to sell his ideas and designs? What can you do, to sell anything to anyone?

Raymond Loewy, the father of industrial design, had a theory. He was the all-star 20th-century designer of the Coca-Cola fountain and Lucky Strike pack. Furthermore, he designed the modern sports car, locomotive, Greyhound bus and tractor. Additionally, he designed the interior of the first NASA spaceship and the egg-shaped pencil sharpener. Ergo: What is popular, and when? And how you can sell anything to anyone?

tedx whywelike visionforward 11 | Vision Forward International

Watch his TEDx talk here.

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How to Remember 90% of What You Learn

Personal Development by Studying and Teaching

How do you learn? Most likely, you learn by taking in new information and then repeating it so often, that it becomes ‘second nature’. Remember the first time you were driving a car? A lot of information to take in. After a while, you did it so many times, your subconscious brain took over and said ‘We got this”. Personal development works this way, too.

There is a hack for this, which allows you to retain the ‘new’ information even quicker. Firstly, it will allow you to make more connections in the brain, quicker than before. Secondly, it’ll ensure that those connections in the brain apply to existing knowledge too.

It’s called the 50/50 rule, and it will help you retain that information even quicker.

training teaching learning visionforward 13 | Vision Forward International

How does it work? According to Thomas Oppong, it’s this: “A better way to learn, process, retain and remember information is to learn half the time, and share half the time.”

So if you’re reading a book, instead of completing it in one take, do something different. Aim to read a chapter, and then recall, share, or write down the key ideas. What have you actually learned from it? Write it down, tell a friend, or tell a colleague. It’s a way to further your own personal and professional development, and that of others.

“The mind is like a muscle. The more it’s exercised, the better it gets and the stronger it becomes. “Use it or lose it” very much applies to the mind.”

When we train groups or individuals, this is why we encourage taking as many notes as you can. The brain activates when it’s writing down, because it helps memorizing and putting into action.

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