How will you distinguish your company from your competitors?

Many companies don’t realize they need a sales team, don’t have the expertise to build one, and some simply outsource it but don’t know how to vet outsourced sales companies due to the lack of sales experience. But sales transformation is essential to certain industries and companies, such as publishing and media, marketing technology and advertising technology, software, social media platforms, agencies, health care and insurance.

If you’ve got a sales team, you will need to get them in a position where they’re always ahead of the competition. And yes, technological innovation is a part of that. Do you still sell products and services that everybody’s been selling for the better part of a decade? Or are you innovating constantly?

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Products and services need to be updated. It’s important. But it’s not the only competitive edge you can gain. How do your people position themselves in such a manner, that the prospects and clients think: “Wait a minute. This is amazing. This can really move me and my company towards realizing my goals, faster!”? That’s what matters.

Setting up the sales organization is important. This Forbes article lists 5 factors, and we’ll give you one more. As a bonus. The list is below.

  • Determine whether to outsource or build in-house
  • Experience is priceless
  • Use the right software
  • Get your people trained!
  • Optimize the Sales process
  • BONUS: Train your people so they can influence the subconscious decision making process of your prospects and customers.

How far along are you, in building a sales organization that really distinguishes itself from the competitors?

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