The best methodology to get your brain and intentions powerfully aligned

What is it that you really want? What do you want to accomplish? In your personal life or in your professional life? What goals do you have? How do you set goals? Does that even work? How does your brain work with goals?

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David Paul Kirkpatrick writes about the brain, and how it helps you to achieve your goals. At Vision Forward, this is what we combine with the essential skills you need to reach your goals. Thus, the combination of skills and effective behavior, influencing your surroundings, and knowing how the subconscious works, is what sets the successful apart from the unsuccessful.

How do you set goals? One way to get ahead in this is to use intentional dreaming.

Here are the 7 steps that Kirkpatrick describes.

  1. Acknowledge that imagination has power
  2. Bring yourself into ‘body calm’
  3. Construct the aspiration in your consciousness and imagine it moving with you into your unconscious and subconscious reserves
  4. Go to sleep
  5. Repeat every night before sleeping
  6. When compelled by an intuitive affection, act upon it
  7. Let it go

Kirkpatrick goes into detail, which we suggest you do too. Read about it here.

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