Takedowns and clever quips are easy, but empathy and persuasion are better

Ryan Holiday writes about the difference between being right and stating blunt facts to prove your point, and being kind and persuading others to come and share your point of view.

Pushing your opinions, facts, and studies might be ‘true’, but that doesn’t mean that others will accept it, act on it, or even believe you (on a subconscious level). If you work with others, and you’ve pushed your point of view on them, you’ll probably experience the backfire that comes from that.

robert baker 537579 unsplash 1 | Vision Forward International

If you’re in a leadership position, and you push your ideas on others, what happens? How intrinsically motivated will they be to pursue the goals you’ve set together?

If you’re in sales, and you push your ideas on your prospects, will they leave every experience they’ve ever had behind and pursue your vision on their company and results? Chances are slim.

Don’t try to persuade others. It doesn’t work. The best you can do is guide them into new insights that they ‘come up with’ themselves. We can help with that.

Holiday ends his excellent article, which can be read here, with this thought: “If you can’t be kind, if you won’t empathize, then you’re not on the team. That team is Team Humanity, where we are all in this thing together. Where we are all flawed and imperfect. Where we treat other people’s point of view as charitably as we treat our own.”

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