What irrelevant beliefs do we have about the job market?

You’ll hear many platitudes about the job market, switching jobs, and switching from industries. What are some of those platitudes and beliefs, and what is actually the truth today? Harvard Business Review researched it, and came up with 5 sentiments that are not necessarily true.

One of those 5 is “You should always be looking for your next job.” How do you see that?

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“You want to be happy, not constantly searching, says Fernández-Aráoz. “Ideally, you should never be looking for your next job, simply because you love what you do.” He points to research Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has done on the state of “flow,” describing it as “a neurological condition of our brain in which we achieve maximum productivity while our brain consumes very little energy. We are fully immersed in what we do, fully absorbed, even losing a sense of time, and we’re able to function at our best.” When you have found this in a job, looking for your next one is unnecessary.”

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