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Icoon Customer Experience 426x426 3 | Vision Forward InternationalThe world is changing rapidly. Customers, clients, and citizens are more assertive, more interactive, and they have specific demands and requests from their suppliers, in both the commercial and noncommercial sector. They desire transparency, to be helped quickly, and customer friendly service, as well as a proactive mindset in cooperating towards finding solutions in situations that deviate from standard situations. Of course, they are completely justified in expecting this. In order to provide that, as a commercial or a non-commercial organization, your internal processes should be a welloiled machine.

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A well-oiled machine means that colleagues are able to collaborate efficiently and strive to realize the same goals. And that they know all there is about customer experience. The experiences of their internal customers (such as managers and colleagues of different departments), and the experiences of their external customers (such as clients, citizens, and entrepreneurs). It’s really all about teamwork, ownership, and empathy.

Is your organization ready for a new phase, in which you’re going to make a difference? One in which the teams can really focus on results and, at the same time, be 200 per cent customer friendly? If so, your organization is ready for Vision Forward.

Vision Forward is an organization that consists of seasoned behavioral experts. We have a take charge mentality and are intellectually loaded. On the one hand, the basis for our work consists of scientifically recognized and awarded theories.

On the other hand, we have accumulated years and years of practical experience in collaboration and customer experience. We combine this into a unique concept in which cleverly influencing the subconscious mind is an essential subject.

We innovate people

In our training sessions and courses, the participants develop a new insight in their environments.
Additionally, they develop an insight in what is preventing them from taking the next step towards their own successes, the success of their colleagues, and the success of their customers.

Simultaneously, they will develop an understanding of the subconscious beliefs of others, which allows them to create the desired effects with any individual. This way, anyone will recognize the highly personal and unique style of your organization.

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Our training sessions are concrete and goal oriented. You have been warned. They are filled with eye openers. We vary from highly interesting theory to lifelike practical exercise.
We work for both non-commercial and commercial organizations. The sectors in which they operate are diverse. From Energy to Government, from Telecom to Hardware.

All have one thing in common:
they aim to realize their goals and are prepared to transform via an unconventional and daring road. Would you like to know how we can enable you to collaborate effectively and to create an extremely
positive customer experience? We would love to talk with you about it.

Want to know more about the Subconscious mind? Read our whitepapers.

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