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Vision Forward Icon 08 3 | Vision Forward InternationalOne of the first steps in being a leader is recognizing that the title next to our name doesn’t make us one.

One of the most difficult things to do is to confidently follow another, trusting our present and future to the decision making of someone else. Embracing this responsibility means we must have the ability to truly understand and communicate while simultaneously managing the present and anticipating what is coming next.

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We can’t afford to lead through the eyes of the past. As
leaders we must evolve. We tend to make a big deal out of KPI’s as if they are our objectives, losing sight of the big picture.

This is not to say that KPI’s aren’t important, but generally speaking they are short term measurements. What are the opportunities for growth? Are there promotions on the horizon? What are the objectives of tomorrow? What are the KPI’s of tomorrow? How will our internal and external customers recognise us tomorrow?

Through getting a grip of the subconscious we will
enable you to communicate convincingly as to answer the above questions rationally, providing clarity and reason to your decision-making processes.

If we don’t innovate as leaders, how can we expect the people that work for us to be motivated to follow us?

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