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Vision Forward Sales Training services go beyond traditional skill development that are, at best, temporary fixes.

We begin with creating an understanding of the level of persuasion and personal insights. With each step forward we connect the personal insights with customer perception.  We are bound to the term “sales training” for marketing reasons such for the sake of familiarity, but we bring much more to the table. 

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What we do is tap into the irrational workings of the mind, focusing on what truly connects us. Simply put, customers are irrational, salespeople are irrational, we are all to an extent, irrational. Being aware and creating an understanding of this enables us to inspire a forward thinking dialogue and this drives success to extreme levels.

Of course questions regarding the present state of sales are relevant, but we aren’t going to change tomorrow by focusing on the results of yesterday. The changing circumstances in the marketplace and the abilities of sales people to truly get a grip of the core customer objectives makes all the difference in the world. This isn’t accomplished by pushing products or services, but through asking the questions that are going to resonate with both the conscious and the subconscious motives and drivers of your customers.

It’s like unzipping the world in front of you, revealing what is often times concealed through spreadsheet management.  

We teach sales & marketing teams to connect with customers subconsciously. This enables our customers to engage on a much deeper level built upon trust and sense of belonging. Actually, the best description of what we do is by using the same terminology many of our customers use for their product development. We innovate sales people, providing them with the tools to evolve just like our customers do with their R&D department upgrading products.


Knowledge is at our fingertips, search results are available within milliseconds… Differentiating ourselves is no longer judged by what we know, but by knowing what questions to ask and how to ask them. It starts with understanding and communicating what success looks like to you, your company and your customers.


Chances are your market has evolved and you’ve had to adapt your products to meet your customer’s needs. What are your sales & marketing teams doing to stay ahead of the questions of tomorrow? If you are ready to innovate your sales, please contact us.

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