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Our mission

To enable companies and the people that work for them to succeed through a combination of skill development and unlocked power of irrational behaviour, improving sales, leadership, personal & organisational effectiveness.

In a world of technological innovation, we innovate people.

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We are a diverse group of behavioural experts focused upon your success, and the success of your customers. We realise effective behavioural change through influencing the subconscious.

What truly sets us apart in the market is the combination of skill development and awareness of the influence the irrational mind has on behaviour.


The behaviour of people is a complex mixture of ingredients rooted in genetics, upbringing, education, experiences, surroundings, and a view of the future.

To truly inspire, drive, and anchor behavioural change, you must have knowledge in understanding the aforementioned complexities and be able to genuinely communicate with all  personality types that influence behaviour.

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Vision Forward practices are based upon a combination of psychological theories from the masters such as Jung, Daniel Kahneman, and Dan Ariely.

We are expert practitioners of personality profiling tooling such as Enneagram, MBTI, DISC, Inside and scientific research of how both the conscious and subconscious mind learn.

Blended Learning Academy

Since the founding of Vision Forward, the organization has grown into a Blended Learning Academy focused on behavioural change as the catalyst of personal development with specialists in the areas of sales training, coaching, leadership development and team building through both onsite and digital interaction.


Influenced by technology, business models and customer expectations have changed dramatically. We cannot do what we always did and expect success. Whether driven by competition, innovation of the simple things we take for granted or theories becoming reality such as singularity, we must evolve with the world around us.

Exponential technologies are accelerating the speed of innovation, shortening product, service, and business model lifecycles. With all the change around us it is essential that we both increase our awareness and optimise what brings us together.

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Our strength

is our ability to weave our customer’s propositions into the latest insights of sales, marketing, leadership, and behaviour creating specific engagements that will resonate with an organization. Regardless of where our customer relationship is initially focused (sales training, coaching, leadership development or team building), we understand how the mind works and how organisations tend to evolve.

Change is inevitable, how we adapt to it determines our viability moving forward. Vision Forward’s commitment of enabling companies to progress is an ongoing process of innovation revolving around the heart of an organization, its people.

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