Advice: Just pick up the phone and CALL.

Something we see all too often: Sales people, who claim to want to be successful in sales, are afraid to pick up the telephone and make cold calls, warm calls, and sales calls. And no – it’s not just the millenials who aren’t making phone calls.

This is the situation:

phone 1 | Vision Forward International

People are afraid to use the phone. But why?

First, there is the fear of rejection. Which is biologically engrained in our systems, and the ‘no’ you might get from a prospect feels as if you’re being excommunicated. It’s not pretty. But! This is something that sales people should actively be seeking out, because it’s. their. job.

Another reason for sales people to not be getting on the phone is the fear of the unknown. Most sales people have never been properly trained how to successfully use the phone in sales. Never had proper training on cold calling, warm calling, rejection and objections, and pitching in a way that makes people go “Hey! That’s interesting! Let’s set up a meeting.”

Is your sales floor silent? No one making calls? You’ll see that in your revenue numbers every month. Let’s get together, and let’s get your sales people trained and successful.

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