“Change is no longer just an event or process — it’s a skill. Not too long ago, change happened less frequently. And when it did occur, employees often panicked in response as they focused on simply surviving the change. Imagine people on a beach building sand castles and then a big wave of change comes and sucks them out to sea, spins them around, and then spits them back onto the sand. The scramble was on to get everyone to calm down enough so they could get back to working in the sand. One and done. At least for a while.”

blue clouds exotic 37403 1 | Vision Forward International“Things are different today. Technology, the economy and globalization have created constant and rapid change, with folks being sucked out to sea and spun around on the regular. The problem is they are upset with all this wave action and waiting to get tossed back to the sand. What we all need to realize — and embrace — is there is no more beach. We are in the ocean. We need to stop worrying about our precious beach sand and get good at surfing the waves.”

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